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seefish Dockside Monitoring Inc.

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Seefish is an independent company with no affiliations with Fishing Groups or Department of Fisheries and Oceans. We are a professional organization that has concern for the individual well-being of all those with whom we do business.

We are completely impartial and all information is confidential.



Seefish gives prompt and efficient dockside service in addition to having a friendly and helpful staff. Our data entry personnel ensure that all information is accurately entered into the system to make certain that up-to-date quotas and species information is available to those who can access it.

DFO certification plus independent ISO 9001-2000 certification ensure that Seefish does and will always follow the best business practices to ensure our continued impartiality and accurate data gathering.

It is our goal to make life easier for the fishermen .

Please feel free to contact us at 506 747-3550 or toll free 1-866-322-6550. We strive to fulfill the monitoring needs of the individual and companies equally and impartially.