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seefish Dockside Monitoring Inc.

How Monitoring Works

Basically, the job of the dockside observer is to meet vessels upon landing, monitor their offloading, and verify their landed weight. Further, dockside observers will certify their log documentation to be accurate after the weighing or measuring has been completed. Dockside observers are put through extensive training as well as DFO Security Checks.


Other employees also require DFO security check. They are trained by the monitoring company to do the catch and effort data entry. Their main job description is to accept hails from fishermen who are reporting their landing information, and to issue a hail in confirmation number.

A dockside observer is given the hail information and dispatched to meet the vessel upon landing. Once the dockside observer receives the log document, this data is then entered into the DFO database at the operations centre.

It is our goal to make life easier for the fishermen .

Please feel free to contact us at 506 747-3550 or toll free 1-866-322-6550. We strive to fulfill the monitoring needs of the individual and companies equally and impartially.