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seefish Dockside Monitoring Inc.


We periodically have opportunities in our dockside observing and professional departments for new members on the Seefish team.

If you are eager to play a key role here at Seefish, you can contact us here.


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Seefish offers a number of benefits including: Competitive wages, On-the-job training & Challenging roles. We are committed to meeting the needs of our employees. Through customized training and on-the-job training program, our employees are able to learn first hand how to manage time and customer relations easily.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible for employment a candidate must have the following credentials:

  • Successfully completed high school or equivalent knowledge.
  • Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status
  • Produce a certificate of conduct from a police agency or consent to a personal screening to obtain enhanced reliability clearance
  • Must have no serious convictions of the Fisheries Act or Regulations, unless a pardon has been granted. Any convictions of fisheries legislation will be taken into account when considering designation. Once designated, Observes must notify the employer of any convictions, or charges laid against them.
  • Be in compliance with the Arm's Length Criteria described in Section K of the Atlantic Region Dockside Monitoring Program Policy and Procedures
  • Be physically fit and able to meet the physical requirements if the job including but not limited to climbing ladders and boarding fishing vessels
  • Have successfully completed a DFO-approved DMP training program with a pass mark of 75% in each module
  • Once designated, an observer must conduct a minimum of 5 off-loadings per year in order to maintain designation.

It is our goal to make life easier for the fishermen .

Please feel free to contact us at 506 747-3550 or toll free 1-866-322-6550. We strive to fulfill the monitoring needs of the individual and companies equally and impartially.