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seefish Dockside Monitoring Inc.

About Monitoring

Each time a quota fishery boat lands they must, by DFO regulations, hail to a monitoring company. The monitoring company then deploys a dockside observer to monitor the catches of the hailing vessel based on the percentage of the fishery.

Deployment rates are set by DFO and the monitoring companies must adhere to these regulations. The dockside observers and the dockside monitoring company are third party verifiers.


The monitored load is inspected by the dockside observers and reported to the dockside monitoring company where the information is input into a DFO data base to be placed against quotas.

We at Seefish strive to maintain good customer relations and employ friendly, courteous staff.

It is our goal to make life easier for the fishermen .

Please feel free to contact us at 506 747-3550 or toll free 1-866-322-6550. We strive to fulfill the monitoring needs of the individual and companies equally and impartially.